Let’s Play Broken Sword The Shadow Of The Templars

Hi everyone.

Broken Sword 5 is getting closer and closer and to celebrate (and out of pure excitement) I have decided to do let’s Play video’s of the Broken Sword Games.

I have embedded the first part of BS1 below and if you like it please subscribe for the future videos (as of writing there are 6 Broken Sword videos up).

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Short Stories

Hi everyone.

I don’t post much on here as this site is very much about the chat but I have to share a few short stories written by our very own Viviane.

The first story is based between Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2 and can be read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7021335/1/Until-We-Meet-Again

The second story is based after the 4th Broken sword but even if you have never played it this is still worth a read: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6659530/1/Full-Circle

As you may be able to tell by my terrible writing I am not a fan of literature but these both had me hooked until the very last word.


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More Goat Meets!!!


Scott kindly invited us round his lovely home and it was good to see some familiar faces along with some new faces too. :)

I almost didn’t go thanks to being bloody knackered from work and facing a long drive.
But luckily I went and happy I did as it was awesome.
Great times were had by all and was nice to meet Shari too. :D

(The pic above from Left to Right: Shari, Sara, Scott, Barry, Julie, Mat and Stew.)

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Goat meetings – Continued…

When a few of us goats got together on the 25th of July there were a lot of pictures taken, Below is just one that I have had remade so behold the original.


And the remade version in all its cartoon glory.


If you would like to see more pictures taken by our very own honorary goat Barry please leave a comment below and I will get this arranged.


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Goat meetings

Since the dawn of time, goats have instinctively lived in herds. For safety, company and also to have another goat to butt heads with lol.

So it was only a matter of time before us Goats got together too, to that end we started thinking about places some or all of us could meet for a drink and a chat.
Now the first idea was Eurogamer Expo, which is only 2 months away!!
A few of us will be there on the Saturday 28th september, looking round the games on show and also the PS4/Xbox.
After which we’ll go find somewhere to get some food/drink and have a laugh. :) (Tickets have been sold out for a while now)

BUT!! The thought of meeting alot of new people all at once was a bit unsettling for me atleast, so I met up with fellow goat Julie one afternoon and had a good laugh. So atleast we’d recognise one person and not feel like strangers.
Since then we met up again in London, Yesterday in fact with Julie’s partner Barry and also met with Scott(the ChatBS owner himself) and Gosta the Swedish Goat who happened to be visiting England at the time.
A good time was had by all, involving a nice cafe, a very odd museum where we were welcomed with this exact phrase: “Congratulations for finding us!” lol and then went on to the British Museum. Where we went on a goat hunt. :)
I had to depart after this unfortunately but I hear much more fun was had in my absence!!
Many photo’s were taken which we hope to share with you at some point in the future, but this one was rather fitting which was taken in the odd little museum. haha

Petrie museum goat

I look forward to many more goat meetings, with Expo not far off and hopefully a Christmas one too. :D

-Stew, self proclaimed goat herder. :P


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The results are in!!!

Well the voting is over and the Results are in, it’s only been a week but we got quite a good response I thought.
By the end of the poll we had a total of votes which is great!!
I just want to say well done to the nominees, they’ve all done great things for our community since the Kickstarter and i’m sure they’ll carry on doing so throughout the year. :)

So without further ado lets go over the votes shall we?
In reverse order:

With 8 votes each and in joint 4th it’s Scott Johnson and Emma Sumner.

in 3rd place with 9 votes, it’s me…. Stew Sizer.

The runner-up with an impressive 23 votes, it’s Julie Robbins.

So with great pleasure I can announce the winner and our new Goat Master with a total of 40 votes, it’s Sara Patrick!!

Congratulations to the lovely Sara, you’ll be credited with your new title in the end credits of BS5.
Also well done to the other nominees, it would’ve been tough for me to choose between you all but luckily I couldn’t. ;)
Many thanks to everyone who voted and nominated over the past couple of weeks! :D

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The Great Goat Master Vote!!!

So the nominations are in, and now comes the voting!! One vote each if you would and the nominees are excluded from the vote.
(Much to their relief, as we couldn’t choose!) ;)

First off we have Sara, the lovely Princess of the OotG who created the FB page to keep us all together. she has been a corner stone of our little group since it’s creation and a friend to many.

Next we have Julie who other than making most of us laugh alot and been a permanent fixture on ChatBS. (usually the last one to leave and turns the light off) lol
She has also created the Funky Goat song which i’m sure you all know and love! :D

There’s also Scott, the man behind ChatBS where many of us have got to know eachother outside of the Kickstarter. Where some of us became more than just fellow goats, but also good friends. :)

Then there’s Emma, the Princess of the Goat. So called because she had the idea to make a model goat and was kind enough to have an exclusive amount of replicas cast for a few lucky people with all funds raised going towards Revolution. Creative, talented and kind. :)

Lastly there’s me, i’ve no idea how I got nominated so i’ll let Sara say something in my place:
“Stew is a kind and caring goat, who is always there when you need a friend. That as well as being a huge Broken Sword fan, makes him a worthy nomination.” Thanks Sara. :)
Oh yeah, I organised the previous competitions for an OotG mug(Which I had made) and one of Emma’s goats.

I’m lucky enough to call my fellow nominees good friends of mine, so whoever is elected i’ll be more than happy to call Goat Master. :D

Thanks you fellow goats, now please vote here. No sign up/log in is necessary. :)
The winner will be the nominee with the most votes after midnight Sunday 24th February.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 11/02/2013 05:00:01
end_date 25/02/2013 05:00:01
Poll Results:
Who do you want as your Goat Master?

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The Great Goat Master nominations

Hello fellow goats, I had an the idea that we should vote for an OotG leader. So after discussing it with Scott and getting some feedback from Nina at rev, we’re asking you all to nominate a member to be Goat Master, a reason for your nomination would be appreciated too.
Only one nomination each and you can’t nominate yourself. lol

We’ll get the nominations together next friday (15th) and then ask you all to vote on your favourite. Again only one vote each and not for yourself if you’ve been nominated.
We’l give you 2 weeks to vote after which the winner will be named and given the grand title of Goat Master!
This title comes with a Goat Master Credit in the upcoming game (In the closing credits along with the backers and OotG).
Goodluck to you all! :D

Nominations can be made here in the comments and also on the OotG FB page, the voting will be on ChatBS only but anyone can vote without needing to sign up to the site. :)



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Our top ten Favourite things about Broken Sword

Ok Folks I want all of you to name your 3 favourite things about the Broken Sword series.
Any 2 things you love more then everything else in the games.
After a week or so i’ll go through them all and put up our top ten based on your answers. :)

So what will it be, the sexual Tension between George and Nico?
The great Puzzles, the witty one liners, the goat?? lol

Leave your favourites on a comment here. :)


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Goat Competition results. :D

Afternoon Goats!

Well the competition is now over and although we’re slightly disappointed in the lack of entries (possibly due to people either not having the time or it being too hard),
I can now announce that there is a winner and a runner up!!

The winner of one of Emma’s amazing Goats is…… Joana! Congrats joana. :D

the Runner-up is Alec Chalmers who’ll be receiving a unique Goaty gift that i’m really jealous of!! lol

Congrats to both of you, really loved both of your ideas and i’ll contact you soon for your delivery addresses. :D

Anyone who wants to see the entries can do so by following this link:


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